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Life Coaching to Help You in Your Season of Life

                     Walk in Your Purpose              Hear God's Voice              Lean into Truth

Are You Struggling in your Season of Life?

Are you feeling stagnant in your faith journey?

Is a relationship needing healing in this season of life?

Do you have a dream but don't know how to achieve it?


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Hear more about Christian Life Coaching and how we can help you find God's beauty

in your season of life!


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Beautiful Seasons Coaches

Coach Donna Barnholt

Donna is the wife to Brandon, mother to 3 grown children, and Nonna to 6 grandchildren. God has inspired a passion in her for coaching women who are facing transition or are struggling in their season of life.

Coach Andrea Barnett

Andrea is the wife to Adam & mom to 4 young children. The Lord has given her a passion for women seeking to find God's beauty in their season of life. Her heart is to serve women struggling to find joy and peace in who they are and what they were created for.

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"I have had the awesome privilege of being coached by Andrea. Not only does she genuinely care about my life, she comes under my thoughts and strengthens my ideas with deeper insight that I hadn't even thought of while I am formulating and verbalizing what I am wanting and needing. It is a rare and beautiful gift, and I am beyond blessed to have her as my personal coach!!"

"Praise God for Beautiful Seasons Coaching. I have been going through an ongoing divorce process for 4 years. Donna has been there through it all with me. She has helped me focus on a new career and new life. The spiritual guidance and support that she offered throughout my coaching has transformed my life. I can see God's hand in my life working and changing my into the person He wants me to be. For His glory."

"Despite the fact that I have been a Christian for many years, I felt like my spiritual life had become stagnant. With Andrea's coaching I was able to set goals and good boundaries to get me out of the rut. She is a great communicator, anyone could benefit from Beautiful Seasons Christian Life Coaching."


Donna S., Chicago

AshliDawn, Austin

Donna D., Tulsa


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